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High Definition
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How do we design the best systems?
The same assessment method is used, whether designing a conventional, HD or IP mega pixel system. To ensure the system meets the customers’ needs, the surveyor must first find out what their expectations are, this comes hand in hand with a detailed site survey. To achieve the best results, we also consider all the different types of equipment available. This is no mean task, as there is an extensive range of components to choose from, along with continual advancements in technology and new products.

To ensure we achieve this goal, we only use our most experienced surveyors, who have an in depth knowledge of every aspect of CCTV solutions. By maintaining close links with our suppliers/manufactures, attending regular training seminars and trade shows, the surveyors are continually kept up to date with all the products available.
CCTV Installer Newport
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CCTV Systems Newport

HD Systems, cover a larger area with less cameras

CCTV Installer Newport
Example of a HD 2 megapixel recorded image
Newport CCTV Installer
Example of the same recorded image when zooming in.
HD advantages and disadvantages
HD systems are approximately double the cost of a conventional option, they do however have major advantages over their cheaper cousins, when comparing the quality of live and recorded images. HD cameras provide approximately 2 megapixel images, well over double the quality of conventional cameras. This enables cameras to cover a larger area with much better results, providing excellent images for evidential purposes. The only disadvantage other than cost, is the smaller variety of products to choose from when compared to the more established conventional market. There are also advantages when compared to an IP megapixel system, this becomes apparent if you wish to upgrade from an existing conventional system as HD uses the same co-axial cable making upgrades relatively straight forward. We have detailed some basic descriptions of the most common cameras and ancillaries used within our installations so you have a better understanding of the equipment available.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Systems
Our ANPR cameras are capable of identifying vehicle number plates under any lighting conditions. Integrated into access control system via a specialist DVR or PC software, they can automate the control of barriers, gates and bollards. PC integration will also allow advanced searching, vehicle monitoring and alarm functions. Whether automating vehicle access to commercial premises, car parks, caravan parks or theft prevention on petrol station forecourts, ANPR’s is an ideal solution. 


HD Digital Video Recorders (DVR's)
Our digital video recorders use the latest compression technology, ensuring outstanding hi-resolution playback and a long recording time. Depending on the number of pictures per second, the quantity of recorded cameras and the size of the hard drive, our DVR’s are capable of recording over a month of video. 
Static Camera choices - Bullet type
The latest units offer 2.1 mega-pixels in a compact cylindrical housing. They come with integral high powered infrared (IR) lighting for low light operation along with zoom lenses. They are capable of targeting the exact area requiring protection. Static Domes - These cameras also come with 2.1 mega-pixels in an even more compact, dome type housing. Available with integral infrared lighting for low light operation. However, due to size restrictions, they rarely come with zoom lenses. More suited to short range wide angle applications they are very useful in targeting an area at close range.  HD Bodied Cameras - Although larger and more expensive than their more petite cousins, their size permits them to be more flexible, offering more features. They also come with the same 2.1 mega-pixels resolution. As they come without lenses, you can pick the exact lens to suit your needs. They are available from extremely wide fish eye to high powered zoom lenses, which can see incredible distances. When installed outside, a large housing will be needed. This too can have its advantages, for example large housings are more visible and so act as a bigger deterrent. They can also be fitted with heaters for humid environments, very high powered IR lighting and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) mounting systems. 
PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Camera Choices
Choosing the best type of PTZ for any site depends on many factors such as - • Camera location • Light levels (with or without infra-red lighting) • Longevity • Ease of maintenance • The environment such as very wet, humid or corrosive locations or areas where vandalism is prevalent.
HD PTZ Conventional Cameras
Although larger and more expensive than most dome cameras, as modular units, they are much more versatile. For example, they can include long range IR lighting, extra powerful zoom lenses and have a large choice of cameras. Typically they are used on high security compounds and large commercial premises. The downsides are they’re much larger, heavier units, being more difficult to install, higher maintenance and can’t look directly below.

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