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Fire Systems

Fire Alarms Newport Hotels, Offices, HMOs, industrial units, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and much more
Fire Alarm Newport Wireless systems (reduces time and business interruption)
Newport Fire Alarms Conventional and Hybrid Wireless systems (for maximum flexibility)
Fire Alarm Newport Monitored systems (calling Fire Brigade & Keyholders)
Newport Fire Alarms Takeover maintenance of existing alarms
Fire Alarms Newport In house Design, Installation and Maintenance team
Fire Alarms Newport

Associated Service - Fire Risk Assessments

Fire safety legislation applies to all commercial premises and other buildings to which the public have access. It is now compulsory by law that a fire risk assessment is conducted on this type of premises. This assessment must be deemed “suitable and sufficient” as set out in the Fire Safety Order (RRO) Evidence of this must be available to the authorities or you risk heavy fines. If requested, all businesses must be able to provide proof this has been carried out and adequately recorded. Written assessments are often a pre-requisite to validate your insurance.

  Fire Alarms Newport

Some risk assessors have a rudimentary understanding of fire safety, often attending a short one-week course prior to offering this service. All our assessors have many years of extensive experience and qualifications in this area. There are many important advantages when using our assessment services.

The assessment includes:

  •  Full consultation during the whole assessment process
  • Ensuring your premises have adequate fire protection
  • Ensuring adequate systems are in place for the safety and protection of your staff, clients and visiting public
  • Focus on your business needs and your legal requirements to comply with the Fire Safety Order
  •  On-going support should you wish to alter your premises or work system
  •  Minimisation of cost associated with fire prevention, often helping to remove or reduce processes
  • Consultation with local authorities where applicable
  • Provision of floor plans of premises showing all fire safety arrangements (Optional)

Consultancy Service

Our consultancy service helps ensure all fire safety requirements are in place prior to commencement of any works, smoothing out the planning process. This service can also save you money, assisting architects and planning authorities who without this support often over specify, increasing your costs unnecessarily. Whether you are applying for change of use or alterations to an existing building or new builds, this is an ideal cost effective option. We can also help with enforcement and prohibition notices, advising customers of their options and liaising with the authority to quickly resolve any issues.

Emergency Lighting to BS5266

We design, install and maintain Emergency lighting systems. Whether you have a small office, large commercial premises, five-star hotels, ultra modern offices or listed buildings, we can help. We offer a complete range of lighting systems from conventional bulkheads, spotlights, bespoke low-profile flush fittings to automated centrally controlled systems.

Disabled Refuge

The DDA (Disabled Discrimination Act) requires premises designers, owners and managers to consider the physical features of a building. Multi story buildings are particularly relevant within this act, partly because for safety reasons lifts must shut down during a fire, preventing disabled occupants a method of evacuating the building unaided. Our disabled refuge systems allow communication between disabled persons within a designated safe area and the building fire marshals and fire fighters. This is important for DDA compliance to ensure a safe and timely evacuation.

Summary of Fire Safety Order (RRO)

All previous fire legislation has been repealed. As part of this, fire certificates are no longer issued. Each individual company is now responsible for their own fire safety, the employer must conduct a fire risk assessment. Under this legislation the assessment must be deemed "suitable and sufficient", the scope now to include property safety, fire fighter safety and the environment around the site and life protection. This means the risk to neighboring buildings and fire fighters must be taken into account.

Protection is extended to all occupants, not just employees. Visitors, contractors or passers-by also have to be considered in the risk assessment. Fire fighters now have greater authority to gather evidence after a fire. This includes proof of a Fire Risk assessment and Fire equipment maintenance records.

What are the implications for business?

Who is responsible?

  1. Employer with control of a workplace, failing that…
  2. Person with overall management of a building
  3. Occupier of premises
  4. Owner of premises (i.e. empty buildings)

With the focus now on independent fire risk assessments and training, fire brigades can only advise but can not carry out fire risk assessments, as they previously have. If advice is given, it is rarely confirmed in writing. Therefore if you act upon their recommendations alone, without a written assessment, the responsible person can still be left very exposed.

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