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Perimeter Protection
CCTV Cardiff Replace security staff and significantly reduce your overheads
Cardiff CCTV Remote CCTV monitoring (for contacting guards, keyholders & police)
CCTV Installer Cardiff Remote Site management, including automated gates, lighting, security doors and intercoms.
Cardiff CCTV Pan tilt zoom, night vision cameras with movement tracking
CCTV Systems Cardiff Wireless and wired perimeter intruder detection
CCTV Cardiff Can be Viewed via smart phones and PCs
CCTV Systems Cardiff Wireless CCTV confirmation systems via 3G (ideal for Plant, building sites, scaffold security and much more)
CCTV Cardiff

Typical Applications

Secure compounds, garage forecourts, builders merchants, industrial estates, large industrial units, out of hours site management, building sites and temporary civil engineering sites. See also CCTV section.


Perimeter Security

How do we design the best systems?

There are often considerable variations in the security needs of a site and customer expectations. Achieving the best results, we need to consider all the different types of detection equipment available. This is no mean task, as there is an extensive range of components to choose from, along with continual advancements in technology and new products.

To ensure we achieve this goal, we only use our most experienced surveyors, with extensive knowledge in every aspect of CCTV solutions. By maintaining close links with our suppliers/manufactures, attending regular training seminars and trade shows, the surveyors are continually kept up to date with all the latest products available.


(a) Electric fencing
(b) PIR detector, to protect general area
(c) Live audio challenge (via Remote Video Response Centre)
(d) PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera
(e) Static, conventional or bullet camera
(f) Microwave perimeter detector
(g) Point to point infra red beam
(h) Set/unset device
(j) Recorded audio challenge (PIR activated)
(k) PIR detector, to protect fence line

Automated gate (Locally controlled, via off site keyholders or Remote Video Response Centre)


Digital Lock with or without intercom (Audio can be to local buildings, to off site keyholders or Remote Video Response Centre)

(n) Camera analytics (analyses the direction, size and the way in which movement occurs)
CCTV Security Cardiff

Detection and ancillaries

We can achieve external intruder detection in many different ways. The information below provides you with a basic insight into our perimeter protection systems. However for security reasons we have left out some details.

PIR’s (passive infrared)

These detectors are the cheapest option, however they have limitations at long range and are susceptible to false activations, if not set up correctly. Also, when installing on the fence line, they can limit the closeness of stock to the perimeter fence. They are however ideal for blanket coverage at short range. If you wish to protect the area directly around a building, these detectors are an ideal solution.

Infrared Beams

These detectors shine an infrared beam from one device to another (point to point). If the beam is interrupted, they will activate. They cost more to install, but have some significant advantages. They are less prone to false activations. Their range can be over 100meters and can be mounted right up to the fence line, so not limiting stock.

Microwave perimeter detectors

In certain circumstances these are an ideal substitute to PIR detectors. Especially if the fence line is well away from footpaths and roads. However just like PIR’s, they also require a stock free zone within their intended detection coverage to maximise their effectiveness.

Electric shock fencing

Although a very expensive option, they are often the best solution for perimeter protection. They offer the biggest deterrent, activate an alarm when tampered with and allow stock close to the fence line.

Set/Unset device

These devices are used to switch the detection on and off. Allowing false alarm free access to the site. We can offer these as wired high security proximity devices or wireless key fobs.

Recorded audio challenge (PIR activated)

This can be used as a conventional PIR detector within a monitored system, as the first line of defense prior to the RVR (Remote Video Response Centre) becoming involved. It can also be used as a stand alone device, with a pre recorded message broadcast when activated.

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